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Rohan Ventures India as a exporter of Pashmina shawls understands the requirements of the customers on a very professional level and we supply the products which are tested from the world renowned laboratories like Intertek, SGS.

The products like Pashmina as known by everybody is popular among all the sections of the consumers for its attractive and fashionable look.

The semi Pashmina shawls has 18 to 20 microns of wool. They are soft, fine and light in weight. These shawls are also available in very different kind of textures like self jacquard, stripes, reversible and with different kind of hand embroideries.

The woolen shawls supplied by us are also in great demand by the customers. These shawls are very attractive and available in a variety of colours. They provide the required warmth and comfort to the customers.

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Rohan Ventures India is also involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

Education is the birthright of every child and we as a social contributor considers that education should be provided to each and every child for their better future. Gender equality is one of the basic right, which should be provided to all the global citizens. Facilities for complete health care is provided to all the underprivileged people. We focus to a great extent for the rural development as the majority of the Indian population live in villages.
Rohan Seth
Graduation in Bachelor of Commerce
Kuldeepak Seth
Qualified Civil Engineer With MBA in Finance
having experience of more than 25 years
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